5 Fuel-Efficient Strategies That Work in Dubai!

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Since fuel prices tend to fluctuate, it’s recommended that you should buy a fuel-efficient used car in Dubai. However, if you don’t have a particularly fuel-efficient car, driving “fuel efficiently” can also help you save money on fuel.

  1. Go easy on the pedal: “Putting the pedal to the metal” makes for vigorous acceleration and wastes fuel. Accelerate gently! For maximum fuel-efficiency, accelerate your car upto 15 miles in about five seconds from a standstill. Consider accelerating at a rate that doesn’t spill water from a cup placed on your dashboard.
  2. Keep a steady speed: When your speed dips and spurts, you can use as much as 20% more fuel. Practise using cruise control when on the highway, provided conditions allow you to do so. Reduce your speed when you travel uphill and recover momentum when you travel downhill.
  3. Stay alert in traffic: Anticipate the traffic and look ahead while driving. Always keep a considerable distance between you and the car in front of you. By keeping track of what the other pedestrians and drivers are doing, you can plan your movements ahead. This will keep your driving steady and use less fuel.
  4. Slow down: Avoid high speeds to save on fuel. Most used cars in Dubai are fuel-efficient when they are travelling between 30 to 50 miles per hour. Above this speed limit, vehicles commonly consume more fuel.
  5. Stamp on the brakes less often: Each time you utilize your brakes, you squander your forward momentum. By looking forward at how traffic is going, you can observe well ahead of time when it’s an ideal opportunity to slow your pace. You will save fuel when you decelerate and avoid unnecessary braking.

Here are some additional ways to save fuel:

  • Turn off your engine when you plan to stop for more than 60 seconds, except in traffic.
  • Get your tire pressure checked monthly. Driving a vehicle that has tires underinflated by about 8 pounds per square inch can reduce fuel economy by upto 4%. Learn more about tire maintenance here.
  • Remove any heavy, unnecessary equipment from your car. The greater the weight of the car, the more fuel it will use. 
  • Avoid overusing air conditioning: Using too much air conditioner can increase the fuel economy sizeably. Try opening the windows or use the ventilation system.
  • Track your fuel consumption activity: You can either use the fuel consumption display on the car or plan manually to see how often you can go without filling your tank.
  • Be road smart and avoid using long routes or traffic congested areas. Avoid major trouble spots and use four-lane highways when possible.

If you are really committed to saving on fuel, then make a personal action plan to track down your fuel expenditures and fuel consuming driving habits.

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