5 Car Maintenance Expenses that Deserve your Extra Cash

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Driving a vehicle means that you have to spend lots of money each year for maintenance, insurance, coverage, and potential repairs. Moreover, the monthly car payment too, which some drivers have to pay. Although it is possible to get cheaper costs for insurance or even a lower cost for the car payments, the same attitude is not recommended when it comes to repair and maintenance expenses. 

Yes, you may discover a little shop that offers low costs for labor, which is a good factor, but you have to make sure that they do not utilize inferior parts. Below are the 5 maintenance expenses that are worth it to pay more. If you want to buy used cars for sale in Dubai, visit our CarSwitch website. 

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Oil changes

In the category of oil changes, there are 3 types of oil that are a synthetic blend, conventional, and full synthetic. The cheapest oil is the conventional one but it breaks down faster. As for synthetic oil, it is a combination of synthetic and conventional oils, which is why it is so thick. And finally, the synthetic blend oil is the thickest and it breaks down rarely. This is why you hardly need to change the latter oil. 

If you own a new car and want to elongate it’s lifespan, then it is advised to splurge more to buy the full synthetic blend oil because this oil does not require frequent changes and it will keep your engine to run better. 

But if you own an old car which is not worth much, then it is not wise to spend lots of the oil. You can use conventional oil in this case as it will be more affordable and offer better results. 

New brakes

It’s very important to purchase high-quality rotors and brake pads. When you go to a dealership for replacing brakes, they will probably use the OEM-spec hardware but they price high for labor. But if you visit a private small shop, they will charge less for labor and utilize affordable parts. 

It is better to stick to the OEM-spec parts irrespective of where you visit, or even if you do the task yourself. This is because only the brakes are able to stop the car, so you need to spend more money on them. 

If you act cheap, you might not be able to stop the car and get into accidents. Inferior brake pads emit annoying noises which is why it is worth it to spend more and get quiet parts. 

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New tires

Tires are the only part that links your vehicle to the road. This is why they deserve your money. There are many categories of tires for you to select. However, your local tire shop representative will sound like he is upselling, but it’s better to listen. 

Yes, the mark-up on tires is possible usually, particularly if you purchase from dealerships, but some tires deserve to be splurged on. For instance, if you own a sports car similar to a Corvette, you should probably choose the summer performance tires instead of the all-season tires. The summer performance tires are capable of better sticking to the road and offer the highest performance. 

So, do your research before tire shopping the next time in order to know which ones are appropriate for your vehicle. Or else, you can simply purchase the same tires which were added when you first bought the car. 

Car washing

If you want your vehicle to appear new and shimmering, but you lack the know-how of washing it yourself, then you should keep some money separate to get it washed after every 2 weeks. 

Car wax

Whether you hire a professional to wax your car or do it yourself, it is recommended to wax it a few times each year. Moreover, you should utilize a sealant instead of the conventional carnauba wax as it shields the car better and stays on longer. 

Bottom Line: Do not “Cheap Out”

These are only some of the basic maintenance expenses which you should not cheap out on. Always spend the extra money as it will show reliable and trustworthy results in the long run. Your car will thank you! 

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