Car Maintenance Tips: 2021

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As much as a car is important, it loses its value very fast if you do not take care of it. However, this can be easily avoided if you maintain your car as a ritual. If you want your vehicle to serve you properly, you have to serve your car properly. 

Be committed to car maintenance and enjoy the long-term benefits. The following car maintenance tips are from which is the leading platform to sell and buy cars in UAE. These tips range from common things to far more complex circumstances.

Car battery

Your car’s battery is crucial because it delivers power to all the lights, electric systems and engine when the key is inserted. If you do not take care of the battery, there are high chances of getting stranded on the road. 

It is advised to monitor and change the car’s battery after every 2 to 3 years and within this timeframe, you should continue checking the fluid. If the car is inactive for a long period of time, the charge of the battery should be checked regularly because in the winter season, poor battery charge will destroy the battery. 

Air filter

An air filter is the most important and common part of the vehicle. Although the component itself is not a big deal, it’s job is critical to the smooth functioning of the car. During driving, the vehicle keeps drawing air from the environment to blend it in the fuel to be burned. 

The atmospheric air is obviously polluted and this is where the air filter comes in. It filters the dirt and debris from the air before it can blend in the fuel. Without an air filter, the vehicle will not be able to run smoothly. 

Air filter has a consistent job when the engine is running which is why it gets dirty very fast. So, it is important to monitor the air filter constantly. Clean or replace it depending on how dirty it is. 

Engine oil

Engine depends on oil for lubrication and the components of engine and transmission require oil for functioning. If there’s insufficient oil, the vehicle will break down and the engine might need replacement. 

Therefore, regularly check the status of oil. If it is black, it needs a change. Oil should also be changed after completing the miles stated by the oil manufacturer. In case of an oil leak, repair it instantly and never let the oil level go low. 

Fluid levels

Fluids in the car include coolant, transmission fluid, steering fluid and brake fluid. The power steering system will suffer if there’s insufficient fluid. Similarly, if the transmission fluid is low, costly repairs are needed. 

The coolant is responsible for regulating the engine temperature. All fluids are important and should be checked regularly. Their reservoirs are mentioned in the manual and located in the engine bay. Make sure that the fluid’s levels are always full. 

Tire pressure

This aspect has a direct impact on the quality and comfort of the ride. A good tire pressure is 35 PSI but it depends on the car model. If the tire pressure is good, the tires will be able to drive evenly on the road and not tear down. 

If the pressure is too high or low, the suspension and suspension struts will be damaged. Therefore, regularly check the tire pressure of all the tires to prevent any mishap. It is free and crucial to inflate and regulate the tire pressure. 

Spark plugs

Spark plugs are usually not given notice when it comes to car maintenance. A car has 4 or more spark plugs but it depends on the vehicle’s automaker and model. Spark plugs are responsible for igniting air and fuel mixture in the engine. 

This is why the carbon deposits settle on their tips with time. These deposits start to impact the spark quality and ignition timing which directly affects the engine. 

One should check the spark plugs after 50,000 to 80,000 miles. Show this component to the mechanic and if he advises to change one, it’s better to replace all the spark plugs. 

Spark plugs are very affordable to change. They can avoid the car from misfiring which assists the vehicle retain a stable condition with time. 

So these were some important maintenance tips. Make sure to follow them!

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