Car Maintenance Guide for SUV Owners

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SUVs are one of the most popular types of vehicles out there for a variety of reasons. If you own one too, it’s essential that you take good care of it not only for a safe and enjoyable driving experience but also to prolong the life of your vehicle. The experts at, an online marketplace that can help you sell any car in Sharjah, has compiled some car maintenance tips that would come in handy.

Be Mindful Of Maintenance Costs

It’s recommended that you keep some money aside for car maintenance and repairs. You might also want to check if your auto service center offers a maintenance agreement. 

It’s also a good idea to stick with one service and repair center as they will keep track of all the maintenance work. Choose a service center that is experienced in dealing with SUVs. 

A mechanic who is experienced will not put off necessary repairs. If you delay repairs, they would only become costlier over time and also pose a safety risk. Car maintenance is crucial to maintain the resale value and longevity of your car.

Get the right fuel for your SUV

By being mindful of the quality of the fuel that goes inside your vehicle, you will be doing it a favor. By paying a little more, you can actually save in the long run. 

Don’t Use Keychains

This one might sound a little unusual but the ignition switch in your SUV can only handle so much weight. If you weigh it down with key chains, it can lead to ignition switch failure. But the good news is that the problem is totally avoidable. 

Use The AC Regularly

Many people don’t use their AC when it’s not too hot and as a result, it often doesn’t work properly when they need it in the summer. So, even during the cooler months, you should let the AC flow for some time periodically so that it remains in working condition.

Park In A Shaded Area

SUVs, or any vehicle for that matter, can become sun damaged over time. And it’s not just the exterior of the car that could potentially get affected because of constant sun exposure, but also the interior. Thus, you should park your SUV in a shaded area or a garage, or at least in a place where sun exposure is limited. You can alternatively use a sun visor too. Check out these tips to keep your car cool in the summer.

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