Top 5 best selling SUVs in UAE 2020

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A sport utility vehicle or SUV is a special variety of car classification that has the features of both the road-going passenger cars as well as off-road vehicles, such as raised ground clearance combined with four-wheel drive. Owing to the fact that there are exceptional benefits associated with SUVs, these sweethearts have become renowned choices among car enthusiasts in the UAE.  

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Let’s get back to the point of SUVs in the UAE where the ideal conditions of driving have made it the most favored vehicles among the residents. Besides, the final choice in choosing the best car according to your choice will depend upon two factors i.e. luxury and comfort and SUVs offer you both. 

Let’s know about the best selling cars of 2020 that wooed drivers in the UAE and became chart-busters as a result. 

Mitsubishi Pajero 

Truth be told, Mitsubishi Pajero has completely redefined the 4WD ever since it hit the roads. This awe-inspiring SUVs has been designed completely to dominate the scene if compared to its competitors. The best thing is that Pajero has prevailed over the complicated trails with bold styling that makes the true difference wherever you are. 

As far as Pajero’s potent turbo diesel engine and Super Select II 4WD system are concerned, they will deliver in every condition whatsoever and with highly impressive towing capacity and dynamic performance both on and off road. Moreover, Pajero’s luxurious interior also proves that you don’t have to compromise comfort whatsoever in order to tackle any terrain.

Landcruiser Prado

If you are a fan of SUVs, you definitely have to love the Landcruiser Prado being exclusively built to take on the toughest terrain around the world. The best part is that you will also find a  luxurious interior exclusively made with comfort in mind. 

It’s highly impressive and upgraded 2.8 litre turbo-diesel engine now produces as many as 150kW and 500Nm of torque. Besides, a third row of seats, standard on GXL models and up means that you’ve got space for as many as seven persons. Above all, a 3,000kg braked towing capacity will take care of the fact that you can take everything alongside you on a trip. 

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer is undoubtedly your ultimate exploration vehicle as it is primed for modern-day exploration. The best thing is that its adjustable interior exclusively offers space as well as comfort for the entire family. Besides, it also helps you to take advantage of each and every experience with connected technology. 

Besides, its athletic build will take care of everything that lies ahead. With seating for as many as seven and also an available Cargo Management System, it won’t disappoint you in the space department by offering room for everyone and also their gear.

Jeep Cherokee

While bringing peace of mind each and every time you drive, Jeep Cherokee is the ideal choice for you with a collection of brand new standard active safety and the best security features. Cherokee has been exclusively designed to be there for you and also keep you on the right path.  Cherokee has been reinforced with the best quality steel frame to help maximise crash protection while optimising vehicle dynamics at the same time. 

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder will never disappoint you by offering dynamic performance at each and every turn. The vehicle has been exclusively powered by an inspiring 3.5-L Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) V6 engine with a highly impressive 284 horsepower. It also allows you to feel confident cruising the highway and towing any size watercraft. Moreover, smart power also ensures quick acceleration while giving you exceptional fuel economy. 

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