What Audi Did With Drones!

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No, Audi has not shifted to making drones, but they do have five drones in their newly unveiled concept car. The name, AI: Trail, does not describe a video game but a futuristic car (it might as well be from a video game). Many car enthusiasts probably dream of Dubai cars for sale with drones.  

The drones, Audi Light Pathfinders, are equipped with integrated matrix LED elements. They fly ahead to illuminate the road and the cameras transmit video back to the car dashboard. The drones are also capable of landing on the roof and docking onto their inductive charging elements. 

The innovative use of drones is not the only futuristic aspect of this car. To start with, the car itself looks very futuristic; it boasts Level 4 Autonomous Capabilities. It means that the car will drive itself in changing traffic conditions, safely, without requiring the driver to take control. It may not sound like a big deal, until you learn that the Tesla Autopilot and the Cadillac Super Cruise System are both rated at Level 2 only. 


The concept claims 500 km of off-road range, making it suitable for a trip to the family cabin in the woods. 


The suicide doors would make a statement wherever you go, which is reason enough to always have passengers in the backseat. The backseats are styled after a hammock and are an ideal front row seat to watch the stars from. 


The car has 22-inch wheels and 13.4-inch ground clearance. Crossing rivers while keeping your shorts dry would not be a problem in this car, it can effortlessly wade through 1.6 feet of water. 


The car has a horsepower of 429 and a 1000 Nm of torque. Four electric motors help put that power down into the wheels, making it an All-wheel drive off-roader. The wrap-around windshield, the large windows and the use of glass above the bumper make visibility a key feature with this design. 


A phone port can be found right on the steering column, for those who can not keep their eyes off their phones. It has screens for the side view cameras in place of the mirrors and a hi-tech, yet not too busy dashboard.

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