The World’s Fastest SUV Is Not in the UAE Yet

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It may be the most popular SUV in the UAE but we don’t have the fastest version of it yet! We are talking about the Toyota Land Cruiser folks, or the ‘Land Speed Cruiser’ as it was so rightly dubbed after its record run. Read on to find out how a modified Land Cruiser grabbed the title for the world’s fastest SUV.

Time for Modifications

Built especially for the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas, this custom-built Land Cruiser had to undergo several modifications to bring it up to pace. Adding two turbochargers to the Land Cruiser’s usual 381 hp, 5.7L V8 engine, the power output was increased five-fold to a whopping 2000 hp. Some other engine tweaks, a revised suspension system, and wider tires further contributed to its boosted speed and increased overall stability.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Wondering how these modifications worked out? Well, here’s the deal. It took former NASCAR driver, Carl Edwards, just two attempts to set the top speed record. The first attempt yielded a 211 mph top speed but further modifications pushed that figure up. On a speed run down a 2.5-mile runway at Mojave Air and Space Port in California, Edwards cracked the historic (for an SUV) 230 mph mark. He had to slow down when he ran out of usable pavement which means that given enough track the Land Speed Cruiser could have gone even faster.

Making Things Official

To help fine-tune the Cruiser, Toyota hired the expertise of championship race car driver Craig Stanton. After setting the record, Edwards commented on how the Speed Cruiser started wandering at 225 mph when he remembered Craig’s instructions to keep his foot in it no matter what, that allowed him to hit the 230 mph mark. Toyota may have grabbed the title for the world’s fastest SUV but the official record for the world’s fastest unmodified production SUV still belongs to Bentley Bentayga at 187 mph. The Bentayga set this record at a race track prior to its release in 2015.

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