The Most Expensive Car in the UAE

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The UAE is considered a haven for luxury cars so its residents are used to seeing super cars and hyper cars cruising along the Dubai roads. Every once in awhile though something mind-blowingly luxurious surfaces, taking the people by surprise. One such surprise was unveiled at the Dubai Auto Show. It’s reportedly the most expensive car in the UAE to date and supposedly owned by Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia, one of the richest men in the world according to Forbes. Intrigued? Learn more below.

Shine Bright like a Diamond

A diamond-studded Mercedes SL600 celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Mercedes SL550 was put on display at the Dubai Auto Show. Now we hate to burst your bubble folks but the car is not covered in real diamonds. It just looks that way. Actually, it is adorned with 300,000 diamond-shaped Swarovski crystals and took nearly three months to complete. Even the tire plates and exhaust pipes are bedecked with these special crystals! Soft faux-fur seat covers and chrome wheels add to its luxury value. The car was manufactured by the US company Garson/D.A.D.

You Touch, You Pay

This bling-covered Mercedes is worth 4.8 million dollars, or nearly 18 million AED, making it not only UAE’s most expensive car but also one of the most expensive Mercedes on the planet. If you come across it in Dubai, UAE, don’t be in a hurry to lay your hands on this beauty though. According to some reports, you have to pay a thousand dollars simply to touch it!

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