UAE Car Enthusiasts, Check out This Unbelievable Launch Stunt!

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Don’t we all just love the new model launch ceremonies, especially those that come with extravagant spectacles? Jaguar Land Rover is famous for them and yet again they pulled out all the stops at the reveal of the highly-anticipated E-Pace. Curious to learn more? Read on, but bear in mind this might make you want to sell your car so you can buy a fabulous Jaguar instead!

The Furthest Barrel Roll

The unveiling of the Jaguar E-Pace in London was a grand affair. The amazing stunt they pulled off made it even more spectacular. Yes, we are talking about that incredible, record-breaking barrel roll folks! With legendary stunt driver Terry Grant at the helm of Jaguar’s latest compact SUV, the Jaguar E-Pace soared through the air for a good 15.3 meters. Completing a corkscrew-like, 270-degree barrel roll, it landed cleanly on all four wheels earning a place in the Guinness World Records for ‘the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle’. Check out the video below.

Practice Makes Perfect

More than twenty-five months of practice in the world’s harshest environments prepared the Jaguar for this incredible feat. It’s seemingly a leap-of-faith but some painstaking CAD modeling, testing, and analysis went into it to ensure its success.

Yet Another One for the Record Bookssell car DubaiJaguar Land Rover has made a reputation for itself with extravagant reveals. Remember the XE Saloon being airlifted across London in a helicopter and the F-Pace loop-the-loop world record.  The latter was also Terry’s doing who already has a bunch of world records to his name. Speaking about his latest accomplishment, he declared that it had always been an ambition of his to perform a clean, bonafide barrel roll ever since he was a boy. Well, hats off to the guy for finally managing it so spectacularly!   

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