Beware of these 5 Types of Speedsters in Dubai!

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Speeding contributes to around 44% of road accidents, according to the Abu Dhabi Traffic facilities. Speed limits are set to reduce the instances of road injuries and accidents. Thus, it is important to realize that the way we drive can put our as well as the lives of others at risk. So, what’s stopping people from driving safely? It’s attitude, plain and simple. To avoid encountering speedsters that make you wish they would just sell car in Dubai, keep an eye open for these common types!

  1. The “Honkers”

These kind of drivers honk to “push” and are aggressively impatient! Their hands on the car horns are ever persistent.  We all understand how important it is for them to get to that meeting or a friend’s birthday party, but an impatient driver is a dangerous driver. They might be impatient at only a few instances or all the time, but whatever the case, it will most likely result in speeding with a fine of 2000 AED according to Dubai traffic police laws.

  1.  The Adrenaline junkies!

Some drivers simply have this insatiable need for speed because it gives them a pleasurable and adrenaline rush! Whether it is the thirst for speed or getting a kick out of dangerous driving in general, putting others at risk must always be avoided. It is fearful sharing road space with them and we wish they would just sell car in Dubai! To satisfy your passions for racing, there is always an option of professional car racing that can be done under safe conditions.  

  1.  The Road ragers

There is a special class of drivers that get frequently annoyed every time they hit the road. These road renegades don’t bother with “rules” or “safe driving”. They would speed, blow the horn, cross the traffic light and tailgate just with the hope that they must get ahead of everyone in the traffic. This probably makes them the scariest types of drivers out there! Oh! How we wish these road ragers cum renegades would just sell car in Dubai and leave the traffic in peace.

  1. The Flexers

These drivers love to boast and show off their new, sweet rides especially if it’s a sports car. And how do they do that? Racing, of course! Chances are pretty good that they have recorded at least one “fast and furious” video or taken you on a speed ride!

  1. The Road Royalty

The Road Royalty doesn’t bother with simpleton concerns like dividing lines or traffic rules. They are far too above that. Where the rest of the community might politely endure if there is a traffic delay due to a construction block, that’s just too much for the delicate “sense and sensibility” for the road royalty. They speed and weave in and out of traffic, sneering and mocking those who assume that someone of their status should wait with the rest of the “herd”.

With the grace speed limits removed by the UAE police, it is all the more important for drivers to be vigilant. Careful and patient driving must be practiced not just to duck traffic fines, but also to reduce the risk of road injuries and accidents.

Now that you know the forms “speedsters” come in, you can adopt a proactive method of dealing with them. The UAE has strict laws against dangerous driving and you can request RTA’s help in case of a distressing incident. For other car related processes such as selling car in Dubai, you can check out We provide a transparent, hassle-free experience!