Top Hybrid and Electric Cars of 2020

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Hybrid cars give you the best of both worlds – they combine an electric engine with a diesel or gasoline engine. Moreover, electric cars, powered by an electric motor, reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog. As a result, not only do both types of cars improve fuel economy but are also eco-friendly. The experts at, an online marketplace that can help you sell your car in Dubai, have listed the top hybrid and electric cars of 2020!

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a cult favorite and it has pretty much mastered the hybrid powertrain.  The Corolla hatchback doesn’t just offer an impressive exterior but also a really comfortable interior. And it’s not just about the looks alone as the car also scores highly on the handling front. The range-topping 2.0 variant in particular has a bit of a sporty feel to it and its performance is also great. 

Tesla Model 3

When talking about eco-friendly cars, you can’t ignore Tesla. Model 3 might not be the latest, but it’s one of the best ones around. You don’t have to take our word for it as according to stats, Tesla Model 3 is the best selling electric car to date in the whole world. So far, 500,000 units have been delivered and it was the best selling plug-in car in 2019 in the US as well as in Europe. The car has received recognition for quick acceleration, high range, and technological features which are routinely updated with software upgrades.

Tesla Model Y

Model Y is a versatile car.  it can easily ferry around 7 passengers and their cargo. Model Y offers an EPA range of 315 miles, and this is one thing that makes it stand out.  It can go from a standstill to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Other features you might be interested in include a 13-inch touch display and advanced driver-assist features.

Honda E

This is Honda’s first electric car and a cute one at that.  It’s an engineering marvel and it’s full of tech. From the point of view of handling, it’s great, but its range is limited. It’s compact size also means that it has a small boot. It’s great for those who need an electric vehicle for urban use. 
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