Top 4 Car Gearbox Problems You May Face in UAE

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The gearbox of your car undergoes wear and tear and may gradually start to malfunction. Wondering what are some of the common gearbox problems and what causes them? The experts at, an online marketplace for buying certified used cars in UAE, have prepared this guide to help you understand everything you need to know about gearbox issues.

Problem 1: Slipping gears

You might have been in a situation where you shift the gear but it just settles on neutral. This is due gear slipping. It poses a threat to you and other drivers around you. After all, you wouldn’t want to suddenly end up in a neutral gear while overtaking another car. 

Its cause:

This can occur due to old gear teeth that need replacing or if you are low on transmission fluid. Another possible cause is a damaged shift fork which causes a failure in moving and locking into the correct gear.

Problem 2: Fluid spillage under the car

In order to function smoothly, your car’s gearbox requires a fluid. Accumulation of this fluid under your car is a tell-tale sign, and it is best to get it checked out immediately. 

Its cause:

The best course of action when this happens is to top up the fluid and take your car to the mechanic at your earliest convenience. Transmission fluid doesn’t run out, which means there should always be plenty available in your car. In the off chance that the level is insufficient, it is likely due to a broken fluid pan or seal, and this could lead to serious damage to your vehicle.

Problem 3: Low acceleration

Even though a slight delay by a couple of seconds should not be worrisome, an increasing RPM without an increase in speed is a sure sign that your car needs a trip to the mechanic. 

Its cause:

Low acceleration is the result of clutch problems which can cause inefficient engagement, leading to a reduction in power flow. Usually, this is due to damaged plates, master cylinder or clutch springs, or even an excess of air in the fluid channel. 

Problem 4: Jittery car movements during gear shifts

Everyone likes a smooth drive. And we do not want any interruptions when we shift gears. However, this sometimes happens, along with unsettling noises, all due to an issue with the gearbox.

Its cause:

Typically, shakes and noises occur after pressure is applied to the clutch pedal, and if this is happening, then, it is likely due to clutch plates that are in need of replacement. However, if the problem makes itself known once you have relieved the clutch pedal, then it is to do with your car’s gear synchronizers.

With this guide on common gearbox problems, you will be able to instantly recognize and differentiate between different issues. can help you find and buy a wide variety of used cars in UAE. Happy shopping!

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