5 Effective Tips to Prevent Car Lockouts

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We have all been there, locked out and peering frantically from our car windows to sigh in defeat as the car keys sit smugly on the car seat where we had forgotten them. So, avoid that frustrating situation and follow CarSwitch.com’s effective tips to prevent car lockouts from your Dubai used car.

  1. Hide a spare key on the vehicle

Keeping a spare on the vehicle is one of the ways to avoid calling a locksmith. The first spare key spot is to hide in a place somewhere outside of your Dubai used car. There are many places and products that are specifically made to hide your car keys outside your vehicle.

Magnetic key holders for example can be hidden behind the bumper walls, behind the license plate or even behind the tire well where there is a metal ledge is a good place for a magnetic key holder.

  1. Keep a spare key on yourself

A second spare key option is to keep one with yourself. You can keep the spare keys in your bag or wallet or even wear them around your neck. You can also keep the spare key in your work table, in your locker board or even at your home. The best option is to keep the spare keys on yourself though, so you can ensure they are always with you when you need them.

  1. Give a spare key to a dependable friend

Another viable option is to give the spare key of your Dubai used car to a trusted friend. If you are married, have your partner keep the key with them. You could also give a key to your neighbour provided there are two fulfilled factors: trust and proximity. This option works best if you are generally a bit absent minded or less careful with belongings.

  1. Lock the car doors from the outside

To prevent locking your keys from the outside, try to develop the habit of locking your Dubai used car’s door from the outside using your keys or a key fob. By this method, your keys will be detached from the car door before the car is locked.

  1. Use a noisy key ring

Attach a noisy key ring to your Dubai used car to your spare and your original keys. In that way, if you drop them, you will be able to notice if they fall to the floor. Additionally, simply develop the habit of rechecking your car keys when you get out of the car. You can also keep them them in a particular spot so you always know where they are.

We hope these tips prevent you from getting locked out of your Dubai used car so you can have a safe and hassle-free driving experience.

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