Tesla’s Cybertruck to Join Dubai Police Fleet

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Dubai Police plans to add Tesla’s Cybertruck to its fleet!
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One of the things we all take pride in as Dubai residents is its impressive fleet of police cars as it includes some of the fastest and top-notch cars for sale in Dubai. It seems that the next car that Dubai police plans to add to its fleet is none other than Tesla’s Cybertruck and CarSwitch.com tells you why.

Tesla police cars for sale in Dubai

Dubai Police recently posted a photoshopped image of Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck with its body wearing the white and green regalia of Dubai patrol cars on its official Twitter account. The picture was titled as “2020 – Dubai Police #Cybertruck”. Dubai Police Fleet already features Bugatti, Porsche, Maserati among others. 

Dubai Police has already added many electric cars to its fleet. According to a news report by Arabian Business, Commander in Chief Maj. General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri said that the new Tesla truck will be used to patrol tourist spots such as Burj Khalifa. 

We’re still not sure which trim the Dubai Police will choose but knowing their history, they will probably choose the range topping tri-motor trim. This trim is equipped with an AWD system and has a range of 500 miles. Additionally, it can tow around 14,000 lbs as well and Musk claims that it can go from  0-60mph in only 2.9 second. As per Elon Musk, Tesla has already received 250,000 pre-orders for its electric truck. 

The truck is expected to hit the markets by 2021 with prices starting from $39,999. So, we aren’t sure when we’ll be able to see it among cars for sale in Dubai, nor do we know when it will make its way to the Dubai police fleet. CarSwitch.com will keep you updated!

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