How to Spot Flood Damaged Abu Dhabi Used Cars

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How to spot a flood damaged used car in Abu Dhabi!
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The rainy season is here. As much as we love rain, flooded streets can not only make our life difficult, they can also damage our used car in Abu Dhabi. It is also possible that the car you’re looking to purchase has been submerged in water. If that’s the case, you will incur a hefty repair cost soon after you’ve bought the car. tells you 8 tricks to help you spot a flood damaged vehicle.

1.Vehicle Check

Use the vehicle identification number (VIN) to check the title history of the car. It allows you to check if the car has been written off as being flooded or salvaged. 

2. Sniff test

When upholstery or carpets come in contact with water, they not only remain wet for a long time but give off a damp smell. Sniff the car for any musty smells. Additionally, check the floors for any stain marks, water residue or rust, however, do not mistake them with common car odors or you might miss a good deal.

3. Check the trunk and bonnet

Open the trunk and check if the carpet inside is wet. If it’s a small car without a carpet, check for signs of rust. Check side storage slots for water damage as well. Similarly, check under the bonnet thoroughly. Pay special attention to bolts and nuts as they’re more likely to get rusty. 

4. Engine Oil and Air filter

While checking under the hood, these are the things you should definitely check for. Firstly, if the paper in the car’s air filter looks crumpled, it is due to water penetration. Secondly, check the engine oil of the car for any inconsistencies in color and viscosity. The engine oil of a car damaged by water can change color as well as become sticky.

5. Check the electrics 

Water penetration is highly likely to damage the electrical systems of the car. Turn on the electric features such as headlights, ignition, dashboard lights and others to see if they’re working properly. Musty smell from the air conditioner or muffled speakers can also be an indicator of water damage.

6. Extra clean interior

Look out for replaced carpets, shampooed or steam cleaned interior as it might have been done after the car submerged in water. Faded door panels can also indicate water damage.

7. Rust

Rust on the bolts, nuts or nooks and crannies of the car is a classic sign of water damage. Have a thorough look around the car for any evidence of rusty components. 

If the used car in Abu Dhabi you’re considering shows the above signs, it’s better to let it go. Consider buying certified and inspected cars through!

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