Bentley Sends-Off the Beloved Mulsanne With an Exclusive Final Edition!

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Bentley sends-off the beloved Mulsanne with an exclusive final edition!
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Bentley has never failed to impress with its luxurious cars for sale in Dubai. Unfortunately, Bentley is pulling the plug on its flagship model, Bentley Mulsanne. It will be launching a limited Mulsanne 6.75 edition to bid farewell to this phenomenal nameplate. Bentley Flying Spur will take its place as Bentleys flagship sedan. gives you the complete update. 


The Mulsanne corner of the Le Mans racing circuit is what inspired its name plate as this is where Bentley race cars won 6 times in the past. The first Mulsanne was launched in 1980 and continued till 1982. It was brought back to life in 2010 and was crowned as Bentley’s flagship model. 

The Last Mulsanne

The limited 6.75 Edition by Muliner commemorates the 60th anniversary of the 6.75L V8 engine while being a send-off for this beloved Bentley model. Bentley Flying Spur will be taking its place as Bentley’s flagship sedan. This Mulsanne will be limited to only 30 units. 

The exterior styling of the new Mulsanne features chrome-trimmed headlights and tail lamps with the flying B hood placed gracefully on the hood. The emblem along with the exhaust outlets and grille get a dark tint. It sits on top of 21-inch five-spoke wheels with gloss black pockets. 

Under the hood, the engine intake will get a black finish instead of the traditional silver. The engine number plaque will be signed by the Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark instead of the craftsman that built the engine.

Bentley interior

Inside, the logo is embroidered in the seats. Some controls have been revamped to bring to mind the 6.75 engine while the ventilation controls resemble the engine oil cap. Schematic cutaway drawings of the engine in the form of the clock faces and minor gauges can also be seen on the center console along with a commemorative console plaque. The most interesting part is that the welcome light with the 6.75 logo flashes on the ground once you open the door.

Future of Bentley

Bentley is catching on to the consumer shift with regard to environment-friendly vehicles. According to Bentley’s plans, the new flagship model will receive a hybrid variant by 2023. Not just that, Bentley plans to add hybrid variants to all models and plans to launch its first EV in 2025.

Mulsanne has had a good run among cars for sale in Dubai. We trust Bentley to come up with many more interesting cars in the future, just like you can trust in making your car buying and selling process transparent and easy!

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