How to Soften Your Car’s Honk!

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How to Soften Your Car’s Honk
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The car horn is a unique feature of your used car in Dubai as it is one of the few ways to communicate with others outside of the vehicle while you’re driving. It can be used for a variety of reasons, such as warning another car or saying hello to a friend who is standing outside. However, car horns can get really loud and when we say loud, we mean reaching around 100 decibels. That becomes a problem as it contributes to noise pollution or if you live in an area where loud car horns are prohibited. This means that you might have to soften your car’s honk. This guide by, an online platform that makes it easy for you to sell your car, can help you do so. 

Replace it with a smaller one

If the car horn is too loud and exceeds yours or anyone else’s comfort, you can always replace it with a smaller one. A lot of times, the loudness of a car is determined simply by how big it is. Since the car horn can be removed with a bolt, it takes less time to attach a smaller one. After you’ve attached it, you won’t become a bother for your neighbors or others, and that counts for a lot. 

Cover the horn

A common way of dealing with a louder horn is to simply wrap it up. However, most maintenance experts will tell you that this isn’t a good idea and we’ll explain why. The majority of the time, the car’s horn is placed behind the radiator. If you decide to wrap the car horn with a piece of cloth, it may subside the noise, but at the same time, it may block the airflow to the radiator, and that’s a big no-no. If the airflow to the radiator isn’t good, it might overheat. That being said, before wrapping cloth or piece of plastic around the car horn, make sure the radiator isn’t in close proximity.

Reduce noise by reducing power

Car horns make noise through electricity, and if the power is reduced, so can the intensity of the sound. However, before altering the power draw, you should know a thing or two about wires or electricity. Obviously, you don’t want to inflict any unnecessary damage to the car or yourself, so unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing, it’s highly recommended that you call an expert. Also, tampering with the car’s internals can cause warranty and service issues, later on, so be mindful about what you plan on doing beforehand.

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