Smart Cars to Take Driving Tests in Dubai

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People who are taking their driving tests soon, here’s some interesting news for you! You will no longer have an examiner telling you what to do. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a new smart test system. It’s the first-of-its-kind across the globe! Find out more below.

We are all aware that the yard test is one of the key milestones in acquiring a driving license in Dubai. Now instead of an examiner testing you, the smart car will do the job!

Wondering how that works? Well, here’s the deal. The testing yard has been fitted with certain marks. The onboard tablet in the smart cars will explain five maneuvers through voice instructions that the driver is to be tested on. These maneuvers include garage, slope, angle, parallel, and emergency brake.

With the aid of cameras and sensors, the car will measure the performance of drivers through these maneuvers. The images and data captured will be sent to a central processor for assessing the result. Pretty cool, right! If you find the idea interesting, you will love these AR dashboards for smart cars.

Why have they done this, you ask. The reason is simple! Not only will it increase transparency, it also means the elimination of human error on the examiner’s part. And let’s not forget how efficient such an automated process is likely to be. To top it off, RTA hopes the system will improve the safety aspects of the tests, ensuring all drivers meet Dubai road safety standards.

Currently, the Smart Yard initiative has been introduced across two Dubai Driving Centers: Al Khail and Al Quoz Industrial Area. Let’s hope they introduce the system across the UAE soon!

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