5 Car Repair Scams to Watch out for in the UAE

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Tired of getting ripped off by mechanics every time you visit a service station in the UAE? Suspect you might be paying extra or paying for services your car doesn’t even need? We can understand that too well. We also believe that being informed can save you from falling for dirty tricks. So, let’s dive deeper into some car repair scams that your mechanic might try to pull on you. Some of these are services your car can do without or cost much less than they are quoting you, regardless of whether it’s a used car or a new one. Pay attention now, especially if you want to sell car in Dubai, UAE, soon.

Mind Overpriced Estimates: Never sign repair authorizations if the estimated amount is left blank. You will be giving them free rein to fill in an inflated amount later. Who knows, they could even add a description of repairs to the quote for work they might not have done!

Beware of Unnecessary Work: Often your brakes can last a little while longer without replacing brake pads or discs. All you need to do is clean and turn the brake rotors or get brake discs skimmed. Sometimes you might still have to replace the brake pad/disc, but where’s the harm in asking your mechanic whether this little trick would work?

Unhook the ‘Specials’ Hook: Dealers will sometimes try to sell you a special service contract where the cost of the contract is just the sum of the costs of the individual services. Why pay for a two-year contract when you can just pay for the individual services as you go? What if you decide to sell your car and the new buyer doesn’t even care about the service contract. Then all that money you spent would go down the drain!

Steer Clear of Counterfeits: When getting something replaced, ensure that the part is not substandard, counterfeit or already used. Also, call a dealer to find out the actual part price to save yourself from getting ripped off. Best to stick around whenever you are getting a part replaced or getting major repair work done. You never know, they might not replace that part at all and you will be none the wiser until you get it inspected before you sell car in Dubai, UAE.

Reset Don’t Replace: Most cars are run by onboard computers which go haywire every once in a while making your dash light up like a Christmas tree. Rather than getting all the issues fixed separately, just get the computer reset to see if some of the problems disappear.

The next time you take your used car for a regular maintenance visit to any service station in Dubai, try not to fall for these five auto repair scams. The best way to keep yourself safe is to consult the owner’s manual before you approve any maintenance work on your car. Read up on Your Handy Annual Maintenance Calendar to know what repairs your car actually needs and when. Appear knowledgeable, ask questions and stay around when they are replacing parts. Good Luck!