How to Set Car Prices in Dubai, UAE?

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set car prices in UAE
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Are you familiar with car prices in the used car market? If yes, then you will be aware that car prices in UAE fluctuate a lot and even vary considerably from one Emirates to the next. This knowledge can be helpful whether you are looking to sell your car in Dubai, UAE or in the market to buy a car. Confused? Follow these simple pointers.

Compare Like with Like

The first step in figuring out what price to set is to compare your car with similar cars in the used cars market in the UAE. To ensure you set a realistic price, browse through and look at how cars with similar features, condition, and mileage are priced. There is also a quicker way to check the market value of your car. Simply plug in your car details in CarSwitch’s handy car valuator to learn the resale value of your car.

Bumping It up with Extra Features

Have you upgraded your car with custom features like premium tinting, massage or heated seats, or navigation perhaps? Don’t forget to charge extra for those add-ons. If you haven’t added any extra features since buying the car, it’s best to align the car’s price with its market value.

Pay Attention to Condition

If your used car is devoid of any mechanical or cosmetic faults and looks as good as new then you can easily bump up its price beyond average. Before putting your car up for sale though, consider fixing and revamping it to fetch a higher price. Also, keep a record of your car’s service history and be prepared to share it with the buyers. A clean and well-maintained car will give buyers the impression it has been well cared for. This will make them more likely to consider a higher price than the average car prices in UAE.

Charm Pricing Could Be the Ticket!

This trick is simple enough but you would be surprised by how often it works. All it takes is making sure you don’t set a rounded figure as the car price. Cite a figure slightly lower than the price you intend to set, say AED 49900 if you intend to set it at AED 50000. Retailers and car dealers around the world use this psychological pricing tip since studies suggest consumers tend to focus on the leftmost number.

Leave Room for Negotiation when Setting Car Prices in UAE

Most buyers in the UAE love to haggle so try to set the price a little higher than its market value to leave room for it. Buyers will try to negotiate a lower price and since you already set a reasonably higher value you won’t feel too bad about bringing it lower at their request ultimately settling at a price that’s satisfactory for both. If you set the price too low there might not be enough room for negotiations.

Don’t have the time or the patience for all of this? Avoid the hassle involved in selling cars in the UAE by getting CarSwitch’s services. CarSwitch professionals can handle the entire process on your behalf and make sure you get your car’s worth. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the switchin’ ride!