The Best Tips to Sell Your Car to Dealers

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Thinking of selling your car in Dubai, UAE? You have two options. Either you can sell privately or you can sell your car to car dealers in Dubai, UAE. Of course, you will lose 25-30% of the value of your car if you sell to a dealer but that may be your only option if you want to sell immediately. You can use these tips to maneuver through car markets in Dubai, UAE and get the best deal in the market.

Know Your Car’s Worth

Compare your car with similar vehicles on parameters such as make, model, year, trim level, features, mileage, the condition of the interior and exterior and learn the price of these vehicles. Use the vehicle’s service history report to your advantage. Have it at your fingertips and cite any major, recent scheduled maintenance work or extra feature to bump up your car’s value.

Fix All You Can

Flaws, even minor ones, can be used by the dealer as an excuse to lower the resale value of your car. If you have a minor scratch on the exterior, cover it with matching touchup paint. If there is a small leak somewhere, the dealer might knock AED 1000 off the offer when all it would take is an AED 20 part and some labor to get that repaired. To preclude any complaints, fix all you can before you sell your car to any used car showrooms in Dubai, UAE.

Get It Clean and Shiny

A steam cleaning can make all the difference when you are looking to sell a car in Dubai, UAE. Clean cars give the dealer the impression that they have been well-maintained which automatically drives up the resale value of the car. Pay particular attention to the seats, carpets, dashboard, and glass and make sure there are no lingering odors, like smoke, for example.

Pit Dealers Against Each Other

Whether you are selling or buying a car in Dubai, UAE, get quotes from multiple car dealers and use that as leverage to negotiate a better price at the next dealer. Think of a car deal as a mini-auction allowing you to leverage competing offers.

Be Realistic when Selling to Car Dealers in Dubai, UAE

Know what your car is worth but never be afraid to negotiate. Remember, the dealership has to make money on the deal as well. You might be able to get better value for your car selling privately but if you need quick cash, selling car to a dealer is the way to go.

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