How to Get a Good Value for Your Car in UAE

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A used car is one asset that depreciates in value as soon as you ride away from the showroom. So, while the depreciation is inevitable, you can increase a car’s market value and claim a better asking price when you decide to sell it. To that end, the experts at have compiled some tips that can help you sell any car for the maximum value.

Maintain Your Ride Well

If you want to sell any car for the best possible price, a good idea is to always take care of it. To maintain its resale value, make sure you don’t neglect maintenance and always get things like tire rotations, oil changes, and brake jobs done. This will help you prolong the life of your vehicle. Moreover, it is also advised that you document all the work you got done and save the receipts of the purchase of big-ticket stuff such as tires if they were done within six months of the sale.

Clean Your Car Properly

Before putting up your car for sale, you need to ensure that it is in top condition. That’s why it’s best to clean it thoroughly inside out. Otherwise, a dirty looking car can put off a potential buyer. You can use regular household items to clean your car and top it off with a coat of wax for a polished look. As a final touch, fill in scratches and clean the windows.

Calculate The Value Of Your Car

You should get an accurate estimate for your car as your gut feeling will not really work. The resale value of your ride depends on various factors such as make, model, year, condition and mileage. Other variables include crash history and the number of owners. Aftermarket add-ons can also impact the price of your vehicle. Once you get an estimate, you will know what to expect from prospective buyers. The easiest way to do so for free is through’s car valuator!

Take Lots Of Picture And Write Down A Description

Now that you have prepared your car for sale and obtained an estimate, the next step is to put it up online for sale. For that, you will be needing some high-quality pictures. It’s recommended that you use a good camera to take the shots. Early evenings and overcast days are best for taking pictures. Try to capture images from all sides, so that potential clients can have a good look.

Other than that, you will also have to write down some details such as make, year, model, recent service history, fuel economy, performance, asking price, and your contact details. If you sell your car through CarSwitch, we’ll take care of everything from taking pictures to advertising it online to the right buyers and then dealing with them. 

Negotiate Properly

Decide the lowest possible price, and if a potential buyer goes below that, decline the offer right away so you don’t waste any time. It’s a good idea to meet prospective buyers during the day in a public place. Again, CarSwitch can assist you with all this. 

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