Audi Sport Hints that the Next R8 Will Be a Hybrid

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The third-generation R8 supercar is surely coming and according to a recent interview with the Audi Sport managing director Oliver Hoffman, it will likely be a hybrid and not fully electric. However, the car is apparently still in the planning stage., the first online marketplace for certified used cars for sale in Dubai, did some research to gather the following details. 

According to Hoffman, no decision has been finalized yet about the technology and platform of the upcoming R8. However, due to the demands of global regulations, the car will be partially electrified. Hoffman said that the firm is working with the motorsport division on battery technology, power electronics, and other things. 

Hoffman adds that power is in demand, so by going electric, the company can not only dial up the full system power but also meet the demands of global regulations. 

Weight Can Be a Huge Challenge 

As for the weight, Hoffman does think it will be a challenge for the upcoming generation of RS variants. As the company electrifies its portfolio, managing the weight will be tricky when making hybrid cars.

The automaker is also trying to make a special electric sound and one idea under consideration is to keep the noise that combustion engines make, which means we can be looking at synthetic sounds. However, nothing has been finalized yet, and Hoffman speculates that in the future, each brand will come with its own sound for its electric cars. 

Last year, Hoffmann had said that the company wants to retain the V10 with the third-generation R8. With the emissions regulations and the move towards electrification, this will probably be a little difficult. 

Thus, he said that the company will have to identify which drivetrain and engine will be appropriate for the upcoming car. He said that the V10 is something of an icon and a USP within the category. So, while the company is rooting for the V10, for the next generation, it’s more about ICE or electrification.

 According to previous rumours, the next R8 will arrive sometime in 2020.

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