Running on Empty: Is It Bad for Your Used Car in Dubai?

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Do you often drive your car with the fuel gauge indicating that it is out of fuel? Well, we are sorry to break it to you but it is bad for your car. According to the experts at, your tank should at least always be a quarter full. Driving around when the fuel gauge indicates that the tank is empty can cause long term damage to your used car in UAE. It can also prove quite hazardous in case of an emergency. 

Sometimes, you’re too low on gas and too far away from a gas station. You should always be prepared in such circumstances. You don’t want to be stranded on an empty road in the middle of the night!

The fuel in your tank is also a lubricant for the fuel pump; it acts as insulation by flowing around in the fuel tank. When your car runs out of fuel, there is less lubrication for the fuel pump, this overheats the fuel pump and can lead to extensive damage in the long run. Moreover, when there is less fuel in the tank, the fuel pump is exposed to the air which can cause early wear and tear of the fuel pump. Fuel comprises of tiny contaminants and particles that eventually settle on the bottom of the tank and form debris like material usually called sludge.

When the fuel is low in your tank, there is a higher risk that this sludge will be absorbed by the fuel pump and transported to the engine. This will clog your fuel pump and filter, and prove hazardous for the engine. 

Most of us don’t take the warning light as seriously as we should. You may assume that when the warning light shows, you can still drive a few more kilometres. However, this is not always true. Fuel gauges do not always tell you the exact amount of fuel in your tank; you may have less fuel in your tank than you think.

Moreover, if your car runs out of fuel, it might break down in some cases. You may have to go through costly car repairs to get your car up and going again. It is better to be cautious and avoid situations that could lead to harmful results. 

You should always keep your tank at least a quarter full. There are several mobile applications that help you track gas stations nearby, you should install them on your phone in cases of emergency. Turn the air-conditioning off since air-conditioning makes your car eat up the fuel way quicker. Don’t drive rashly; aggressive driving can cause your engine to use up more fuel than it normally would. Low fuel is bad for your wallet, engine and life. can help you find used cars in UAE in a transparent and hassle-free way. Shopping for used cars in UAE from the comfort of your homes has never been this easy!

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