How to Park a Used Car in Dubai for a Long Period of Time

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Given the current situation, many used cars in Dubai have been standing idle in garages and parking lots for long periods of time. However, this can be harmful to the car’s performance when you finally decide to take it out. There are a few steps that must be followed to make sure that your car is properly parked and remains well-maintained.

Pick an ideal location

The first step is finding an ideal location. The parking space should be dry and enclosed. If you don’t have a personal garage of your own, you could rent a parking spot. 

Invest in car covers

It’s also important to have car covers, ideally, the ones with drawstrings at the back to perfectly fit your car. This will ensure that rain, dust, or animals outside do not ruin the surface of your car. Humidity, rain, and dust can accumulate on the surface of your car and cause wear and tear in the long run. 

Top up the fluids

You need to make sure that all fluids in your car are topped up. Check the suitable levels for oils and coolants. After filling your tank with gasoline, add a fuel stabilizer. Basically, fuel stabilizers prevent corrosion and ensure that gasoline lasts longer. You can get fuel stabilizers at any shop that sells car parts.

Clean it first 

Since you wouldn’t want any contaminants on your car’s surface before you store it with a cover, it’s important to perform the following routine before storing it. Wash your car properly and let it dry for as much time as possible. You may want to take it on a short drive around the block so in case there’s water hiding in the cracks and crevices, it can be removed. 

Remove the wiper blades

When you’re sure there’s no more water, remove your wiper blades. It is important to remove all water because water droplets if stuck to the surface for longer periods, can cause white spots. This will prevent them from sticking to your car’s windscreen or breaking. You can also stick some old cloth under the wiper arms; this will protect your car’s windscreen.

Don’t ignore the tires

It is recommended to inflate your tires to the recommended level since your car will be standing in an idle position for a long period of time. You should also consider rotating them at least 90 degrees to avoid flat spots. 

Keep the battery alive 

To prevent your car’s battery from getting exhausted, plugin and attach a trickle charger to it. Trickle chargers also come with a “float” or “storage” mood especially designed to prevent the batteries dying in storage mode. You can check out quality assured, pre-inspected and certified used cars in Dubai on We provide a transparent and hassle-free buying experience. Happy shopping!

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