Best Romantic Car Features to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special!

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Best Romantic Dubai Car Features to make your Valentine’s Day special!
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Valentine’s Day is all about sharing your lovey-dovey feelings with your partner. So, this time, why not share a memorable experience in your Dubai car by going on an intimate long drive. If that’s not enough, some car features can make it even more special. tells you how you can use your car to make your partner’s day magical!

Ambient lighting

Also known as mood lights, ambient lighting can set the tone right. They can alter the light color and intensity inside the cabin, with a number of different colors to choose from. If your car has this amazing feature, then be sure to use it this Valentine’s Day! 

Infotainment System

Almost all latest cars have some form of infotainment system. Whichever one you have in your Dubai car, creating a romance-filled playlist and playing it can certainly add to the enchanting experience you’re trying to create for your partner. Afterall, what’s more expressive than music?

Convertible roof 

Luckily, the February weather in the UAE is perfect for a drop-top, wind in the hair experience. You will definitely enjoy the night sky with some romantic music and so will your beloved. If you don’t have a convertible, sunroof can work as well.

Use the trunk

A fancy candle light dinner is certainly charming but pretty common. If you and your significant other have a thing for nature, there are some great camping spots in the UAE. Both of you can indulge in some deep heart to heart discussions, while relishing the view. 

Massage seats

Just plan on relaxing this Valentine’s Day? Massage seats can give you a soothing experience even if you just plan to have a good time looking at the view from inside your car. 

Starlight headliner

Well, this is only for those who can afford a Rolls-Royce as it’s the only brand that offers this feature. With fiber optic lights mimicking stars on your car’s ceiling, it can be truly magical. However, if you can’t afford it, the actual night sky from your convertible isn’t a bad idea as well. 

These features can really enhance your Valentine’s experience in your Dubai car. Even if you’re still single, these features can be very enjoyable and therapeutic for some “me” time. Be sure to check out the used car collection on to find all sorts of amazing features!

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