A Rolls Royce Diamond: Cullinan SUV!

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SUV Cullinan, used cars in Dubai
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Luxury car brands are revving up their engines and joining the SUV club, and this trend seems to be becoming prevalent. Maserati took a bet on Levante, Bentley thought Bentayga was a good idea, Lamborghini took a chance with the Urus and there is a ferrari coming soon. Now the greatest luxury brand of all time has joined the “SUVwagon” as well! We saw it with our eyes and we are still getting over it! Let Carswitch.com give you the latest scoop and while you are at it, check out our list of new and used cars in Dubai for both economical and luxury cars!

What’s the large and lavish off-roader good for?

Rolls Royce claims that their SUV is the most anticipated, four-wheel car of 2018. Cullinan is family-oriented, resourceful, technologically advanced, and the most fun-to-drive luxury SUV ever. Owners of the Bentayga might want to boast their baby’s superior power but the Cullinan is certainly not designed to take part in a drag-race special. Big-spenders are getting tired of being carried out in huge Limousines and now want to be chauffeured in massive, “attention-grabbing” off-roaders! So, it seems the Cullinan won’t be short of buyers!

Cullinan interior, used cars in Dubai

The “magic carpet ride” is a disney dream!

Lean and fierce, the Cullinan is an “All-terrain, All-purpose” vehicle that is built on the Phantom VIII’s aluminium platform. It also comes with a standard, air-suspension system that in addition to raising and lowering the ride height can also extend corners for firm implantation of tires to the ground. Of course, the Rolls Royce is famous for its “waftability”. Many Dubai residents can’t wait to sell car in Dubai for this magic ride.

Enough power to boast!

Anyone whose next ride is Cullinan gets a 6.75 litre, twin turbo V-12 cylinder that goes to beast mode (60 mph) in seconds and can reach top speeds of 150 mph. It comes with 563 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque.

Cullinan interior, used cars in Dubai

We weren’t kidding about the luxury cum tech features!

The interior is designed with high-end wood and leather . The four seat version gets a cocktail cabinet complete with whisky glasses, champagne flutes and a refrigerator. The back passengers sit higher and can enjoy the panoramic glass roof and the glazed area.

The infotainment screen is touch sensitive and follows the BMW style of navigation. Among additional gadgets are the Vision Assist and Night Vision including the daytime and nighttime pedestrian warning, a 4-camera system with a glazed, panoramic view, Active Cruise Control, Wifi hotspot, collision and traffic warning, and an Alertness Assistant.

What’s with the name, eh?

As for the name, it is inspired by the Cullinan diamond which was discovered in South Africa in 1905 and weighs 3,105 carats. Two large Cullinan diamonds now rest in the British crown jewels. 

When it comes to class, elegance and even experimentation, Rolls Royce has continued to surprise their fans! Check out this wisdom car collection!

The Cullinan will be launched in late 2018 and the company has kept quiet about the specification, gearbox and pricing, which is estimated to be 1,205,344 and 1,927,706 AED. Until we get our hands on the Cullinan, hop on to CarSwitch.com for used cars in Dubai! You can also sell car in Dubai if you feel like it. We provide a hassle-free buying and selling experience!