One-Off Rolls-Royce Horology Arrives in Dubai

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rolls royce horology
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Rolls Royce Motor cars have been the symbol of luxury ever since the brand was founded in 1905 Henry Royce and Charles Rolls. Much of the old models have been preserved in museums. Last year, much to fans anticipation, Rolls Royce unveiled a one-off special model of the Phantom. This new model is called the Horology Phantom., an online marketplace to buy any car in Dubai, did some research to share the details with you!

Rolls Royce: The Epitome of Luxury

Needless to say, Rolls Royce cars are the epitome of grandeur. Their cars have been repeatedly topped lists for performance criteria. The Rolls Royce cars have been featured in auto magazines and several movies, and their iconic interior never fails to capture interest.

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Horology Phantom: Iconic Craftsmanship

Apparent from the name, this luxury car has elements of fine watchmaking. Rolls Royce is known for employing the best artists and designers from all over the world to manufacture their models. Most of their cars have the iconic traditional interior but subtle changes in aesthetics have been made over the years. Therefore, while the model still retains its classic traditional Rolls Royce look, some modern elements have been incorporated as well.

Exterior and Aesthetics

These modern elements include the Gunmetal lower and Black paint. The black paint features a two-tone paint which gives the car a sleek finish. Moreover, the exterior has elements of gold and silver. The luxury aesthetics include the beautiful and elegant Spirit of Ecstasy carved from 24-carat gold. Moreover, the coach line has been stylishly hand painted, the paint has subtle elements of a watch-inspired design. 

Lush Interior

The interior cabin has been especially designed with grace to illustrate traditional grandeur of the Rolls Royce cars. The Gallery incorporated on the dashboard showcases a huge stainless steel and gold inlay. Moreover, the inlay features an abstract graphic that imitates the movements of a watch.

The Gallery also has the traditional Rolls Royce clock doused in solid silver, shown in a guilloche case. The brand new model stands at display at the Rolls Royce Boutique located in Citywalk. Auto designers from around the world have commended Rolls Royce on their remarkable manufacture of the new model.

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