UAE Gearheads Will Love These Great Eight Phantom Cars

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Did you hear about the classy welcome party being thrown for the next generation of Phantom? It’s a Rolls-Royce exhibition titled ‘The Great Eight Phantoms’ and it is taking place at the end of July in London. Gathering the greatest Phantoms of the last ninety-two years from around the world, Rolls-Royce will tell the stories of these iconic cars and the special events in history that they witnessed.

Since the first Phantom was commissioned in 1925, it has been the car of choice for some of the most influential and well-known celebrities in the world. From famous head of states like Eisenhower and Churchill to royalty and global superstars, the luxurious Phantoms have served the elite and witnessed defining moments in history.

To celebrate this unparalleled legacy, one famous vehicle from every past generation of Phantom will be showcased at Rolls-Royce’s exhibition. Every week, over the next eight weeks, the company intends to roll out one car name to be included in the pageant. That’s one way of keeping the suspense, don’t you agree? The crown jewel at the exhibition will be ‘The Fred Astaire Phantom I’ traveling all the way from the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, California.

Replacing the Phantom VII, production of which ended in 2016, the latest generation of Phantom will also be unveiled at the event.

Gearheads in Dubai probably wish the car maker showcases the collection in this city too. Don’t worry, Rolls-Royce hasn’t entirely forgotten their UAE market and this specially designed Rolls-Royce Wisdom Collection is a testament to that fact. But if you are in London by any chance at the end of July, don’t forget to visit Mayfair to check out ‘The Great Eight Phantoms’.

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