The World’s Most Expensive SUV Hitting the UAE Car Market Soon

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Mercedes has done it again! The brand is synonymous with luxury and performance so it was no surprise when it unveiled the world’s most expensive SUV. Now considering Dubai’s reputation as a hub for luxury, we can soon expect to see this vehicle driving around Dubai or dune bashing somewhere in the UAE. Wondering what SUV we are talking about? Behold, the world’s most expensive SUV – the Mercedes-Maybach G-Class 650.

The Ultimate SUV

The German carmaker has outdone itself this time with the Mercedes Maybach G-Class 650. It’s the ultimate SUV, the likes of which you have probably never seen before. With a price tag at more than AED 1835K, it’s deemed the most expensive SUV in the world thus far. Impressive off-roading capabilities combined with an ultra-luxurious interior sets this vehicle apart from the other SUVs in the market. It will be released after September this year and only ninety-nine of these exclusive SUVs will ever be made.

Performance and Luxury at Its Best

The world’s most iconic and prestigious off-roader is the newest addition to the Mercedes-Maybach portfolio, according to the company’s head of marketing, Dr. Jens Thiemer.

The G650 is designed in the landaulet-style and it’s more of a limousine than an SUV when it comes to space. Separating the rear compartment from the driver’s section is an electrically operated glass partition. Amenities include thermal cup holders and folding tables housed in the middle console besides designer leather chairs for the ultimate comfort level and a retractable fabric roof in the back.

As if those specs weren’t enough, this Maybach also delivers on performance parameters. Boasting a Mercedes-AMG V12 engine, the G650 is capable of delivering a maximum output of 630hp and a peak torque of 1000 Nm. Quite impressive, eh?

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