6 Tips to Retain Your Car’s Resale Value in UAE

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6 tips to retain your car’s resale value in the UAE if you want to sell car in Dubai!
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In the UAE, the value of a car starts depreciating the second it leaves the showroom. However, there are steps that car owners, especially those who are looking to sell car in Dubai, can take to slow down this process and get a reasonable price for their used car. Follow these steps by CarSwitch.com to retain your car’s value and avoid losing thousands.

1. Keep your car clean:

Needless to say, a car which has gone through an accident loses value. Dirt, dents and scratches can also have the same result. So, make it a habit to wash your car inside out at least once every two weeks. For the interior, consider buying covers and mats for seats, floors etc.

2. Avoid the sun:

The hot climate and sand in the UAE can affect your car’s exterior. It can dull the paint and cracks can appear on the dashboard, making it look old. So, always park your car in the garage and even if you have to park outside, keep it covered.

3. Get regular maintenance:

Getting your car serviced can make a difference. The key to a well-maintained car is that it has no underlying issues such as engine oil leaks or engine problems. Regular tuneups can prevent these issues and keep your car in good condition.

4. Go for extended warranty:

Used cars with warranty give buyers the assurance that they won’t have to spend extra money on the car, so they mostly do opt for warrantied cars. Consider getting an extended warranty for your car or you can buy our 1 year extended CarSwitch warranty as well.

5. Maintain service records:

Getting your car serviced regularly is a must but so is keeping a record of it. Follow a regular maintenance calendar and make sure to maintain a good service history. It is the only thing that can prove to the buyers that you’ve kept your car in a good condition and might be willing to pay a higher amount. 

6. Clean up before test drives:

A dirty looking car will never give a good impression to the buyer and can drop the selling price considerably low. Consider washing and cleaning your car before showing it to the buyer. Getting it cleaned professionally might pay off more than you think. 

 To fully maximize your car’s resale value, you can opt for cars that retain the most value in the UAE.

These simple steps can help you get an amount that’s close to your asking price when you sell car in Dubai. If you think that the car you want to sell checks all of the above marks, list your car for sale on CarSwitch.com today!

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