Here Is How You Can Sell Your Car in the UAE

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sell your car in the UAE
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Looking to upgrade your used car in Dubai? Moving abroad and plan to sell your car in the UAE because you can’t take your sweet ride along with you? Whatever the reason, has compiled a comprehensive checklist on how you can get the best deal when you sell your car in the UAE.

  1. Set the right price: Before setting the price for your car, do thorough research. However, do set a price that is a little higher than the value of your car so that there is room for negotiation. Check out this free car valuation tool.
  2. Advertise properly: The traditional way of putting up a “used car for sale” ad might get you fined. However, you can advertise through online sellers, supermarkets, online forums and newspapers.
  3. Identify potential buyers: Be prepared to get lots of calls from people that propose low-ball offers and ask pointless questions. Serious buyers would most likely come up and see the car or test-drive it. Make sure you reserve a day for when the buyers request to see the car. In addition, make sure that you stay with the buyers during the test drive to avoid rash driving or possibly worse.
  4. Make the deal: Just a commitment from the buyer isn’t enough. Keep looking until you receive a deposit of at least 2000 AED to 3000 AED from a buyer. 
  5. Clear any outstanding loans: Before you go to the RTA, make sure to clear all fines. The RTA won’t allow the transfer of ownership if there are pending fines. You can check the Dubai Police website for any accumulated fines.
  6. When you go to the RTA: Once you find a buyer, you must go to the RTA centre with the following documents:
  • Original Emirates ID
  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • UAE driving license

Your car would also need to pass the RTA test. If your car doesn’t qualify the test, then be prepared for a re-negotiation. To transfer car ownership, accept cash or a manager’s check instead of a personal cheque.

7. Insurance policy: If your insurance policy is still valid, you can choose to get a refund or transfer it to the new owner if they meet the criteria. However, not all companies offer this option. If that is the case, then cancel your insurance policy by providing the new registration card as proof that you no longer own the car.

If you want to sell your car, UAE in a hassle-free and transparent way, can help your ride find a loving home. We guide you in everything, from calls to paperwork. Moreover, we also organize for an expert to inspect your car!

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