Reasons for an illuminated ‘airbag off’ light in your used car Dubai!

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Owners of used cars Dubai, do you ever notice when the ‘airbag off’ light for the passenger seat turns on? gives you reasons which might cause this.

Even a bag of groceries on your passenger seat can disable the airbag. Wondering why? The reason is the Occupant Classification System (OCS) which allows the car to deactivate the cars frontal airbags of the sensors in the passenger seat of your used car Dubai detects low or no weight on the seat.

In most newer models, the passenger airbags on and off light is present. Airbags can be dangerous for children and adults seated too close to the airbags and as this has led to injuries and deaths previously, it is a safety standard to protect the occupants of the passenger seats.  

As a solution to this, advanced frontal airbags are there. On the basis of the size and weight of the occupant, these airbags deploy with less force or not deploy at all keeping safety at the utmost importance.

As a general rule, children under 12 should always be seated on the rear seats and use of seatbelts is a must for your own protection. This OCS system is a further step in ensuring the safety of the occupier of the front seats especially if they are under a specific weight.

There is no set standard as to how much weight deactivates the airbag. Though, auto manufacturers need to meet the safety requirement by crash test dummies which are a twelve year old child, a three year old infant and a person who weighs 108 pounds with a height of 5 feet, 3 inches.

The OCS not only considers the height and weight of the incumbent but also the seating position. Therefore, testing is done considering various seating positions to make the car more safer for passengers. The best way to confirm the weight at which the airbag is likely to be deactivated is given in the owner’s manual.

Car manufacturers are trying to keep up the safety requirements for cars are continuously increasing. From modern safety features to road safety regulations, governments around the world are making sure that you are safe on the road.

Though, are you doing a part? As a start, let go of bad driving habits which may lead to severe crashes. Always seat children under 12 on the rear seat and if seating them of the passenger seats is your only option, make sure to take all safety precautions and move the seats as back as possible.

Even then, if the ‘airbag off’ light of your used car Dubai is behaving abnormally, take it to the mechanic as soon as possible. If your airbags aren’t working properly, it can be a major threat to your safety which should always come first. For more tips on car safety and maintenance, stay tuned to!