Worried about motion sickness? Well, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) heard you and claims to be developing technology that will decrease motion sickness and warn passengers of incoming motion sickness before they even realise themselves. Pretty cool, isn’t it? We are waiting for this car for sale!

Motion sickness is an awful affliction faced by some people during car journeys. If you are prone to getting motion sickness, it’s a very unpleasant and embarrassing situation. Similarly, being at the receiving end of such a spew is not pretty either!

According to JLR, motion sickness is a condition that affects around 70% of the passengers. The company is coming up with a new technology that warns passengers before they are about to lose their lunch. Because let’s face it, the upchuck does stain the car’s seats and carpets leaving a sickly and lingering aroma. JLR doesn’t want their cars to go through the harrowing process.

So, let’s get to the fun part. How does the system actually work that will make us leap to this car for sale. The cars are fitted with biometric sensors that record physiological signals. It generates a “wellness score” for each of the passengers by decoding the readings using an algorithm. The algorithm has been tested for more than 24,000 km of testing including a range of other factors like the rider checking mails when on the move.

Once the car detects a rider’s discomfort, it changes the settings such as climate control, seat position and ride mode automatically to prevent the likely occurrence of motion sickness.

Spencer Salter, the wellness technology researcher at JLR said that, “As we move towards an autonomous future where occupants will have more time to either work, read or relax on longer journeys, it’s important we develop vehicles that can adapt to reduce the effects of motion sickness in a way that’s tailored to each passenger.”

The first phase of the research of will be done by the end of November, although there is no fixed timeline as to when JLR will make this technology commercially available in a car for sale.

Car manufacturers are certainly outdoing each other to produce the best car gadgets and technology for the best possible driving experience! We are pretty thrilled for bigger and better things to come still!

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