Should You Use Premium or Regular Petrol for Your Used Car in Dubai?

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Should you use premium or regular petrol for your used car in Dubai?
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Many owners of new and used cars in Dubai wonder whether they should use premium or regular petrol. Which is better for your car’s health? Most say that premium petrol, which has higher octane levels is the better option. But is this really true? And to what extent? Is premium petrol really worth the added expense? hopes to clear your confusion.

The difference lies in octane ratings

Oil kiosks offer petrol in two different octane ratings: 95 and 98. The 95-octane fuel is the cheaper option. But what really is the difference, other than just the lower price?


Octane ratings represent the fuel’s strength to withstand pre-ignition (also known as knocking). In other words, it happens when fuel burns unevenly in the engine’s cylinders. With a correct balance of air and fuel in the cylinder, fuel burns in small, regulated quantities instead of all at once. It can cause a drop in your car’s performance and pushes up fuel usage. Additionally, it can also damage your car’s components. The higher the octane rating, the more premium the fuel and the better it can avoid the incidence of knocking.

What causes knocking?

A common cause of engine knocking is the use of poor quality fuel with a low-octane rating. But other reasons include using the wrong spark plug which causes deposits to build up in the walls of the cylinder. 

Will a lower-octane rating damage your car?

Typically, vehicles can operate smoothly on a 95-octane rating, but it is best to check your car’s specifications as variations do exist. 

While higher-octane ratings do no harm to your vehicle, the same cannot be said for lower-octane options. Using the wrong type of fuel is one of the things that can seriously damage your used car in Dubai.

95- vs 98-octane ratings 

It is commonly believed that a 98-octane fuel is more beneficial for your car, which is why many people opt for it (despite its higher price). This, for the most part, is true!

98-octane petrol is more stable and thus, lends a greater barrier against knocking. However, higher-octane fuel increasing power is a myth because it is completely dependent upon the engine itself, not the fuel. 

So, what is the final verdict: regular petrol or premium petrol?

It is crucial that you use the petrol that is the best fit for your vehicle. This point cannot be emphasized enough. If you opt for lower quality petrol to save some cash, chances are it will cost you way more to fix the damage that your car will undergo as a result. Remember, your car’s health comes first.

Whatever the manufacturer of your car recommends might be the best for your new or used cars in Dubai. Still waiting to find the perfect car? Browse through’s extensive range of pre-owned and pre-certified cars. Happy Shopping!

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