All-New Volkswagen Arteon Finally Unveiled in Dubai!

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Volkswagen Arteon, used cars for sale
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A new entry Volkswagen has finally arrived in the Middle east. The all-new Volkswagen Arteon has the spaciousness of a sedan and the the charisma of a Ferrari. It’s a big jump from the, tank-like minimalistic design of the standard Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a brand that is known for preferring safety over luxury features. This people’s brand has pulled in users due to its reliability, dependability and mileage. If you are looking for a Volkswagen, check out used cars for sale on

 Volkswagen Arteon, used cars for sale
front view; Volkswagen Arteon

The sleek, spec-powered fastback model was unveiled for the first time in Geneva International Motor Show in March, 2018 and is now being debuted in Base and Elegance model with a 280 hp. There are slight modifications between the Base (S), Elegance (SE), Elegance 4-motion SEL and R-line complete. Out of all the models, the 190 hp is at the top of the pack with ample rear legroom, digital controls, luggage compartments and a front-wheel drive. This will certainly keep you comfortable on those long commutes from Dubai Marina to Downtown and beyond.

 Volkswagen Arteon, used cars for sale
Back view, Volkswagen Arteon,

It can also be fitted with plenty of miscellaneous features such as heads-up display and a discover pro-infotainment system with a 9.2 inch glass screen with gesture controls.

 Volkswagen Arteon, used cars for sale
Volkswagen Arteon Interior

The Volkswagen line-up includes Base (S), Elegance (SE), Elegance 4-motion (SEL) and R-line complete. The model retails at AED 139,207 including VAT.

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