New Mercedes Benz S Class Infotainment System

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Mercedes, UAE
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Many new and exciting features have been added to Mercedes Benz S Class. The second generation of Mercedes UX will now have more rear space for the occupants and 5 screens., an online marketplace for Mercedes, UAE, did some research to share the details with you.

Mercedes Benz has revealed a preview of the Mercedes Benz user experience infotainment system. The details and the first official photos show that Mercedes UAE will come with an array of different comfort features and new infotainment features .

The occupants at the back of Mercedes Benz S class will now have access to about 3 touchscreens and a variety of other control options such as voice control assistant and MBUX Interior Assist. The learn capable system of the second generation MBUX S class has debuted with 5 massive screens with an assembly of options for intuitive options and personalisation.

Another interesting fact is that that Voice Control Assistant, “Hey Mercedes” is actually capable of accepting a dialogue and has many other functions such as

  1. Accepting a telephone call
  2. Display of the navigation map
  3. Locating the place of the first-aid kit
  4. Connecting a smartphone through Bluetooth

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Moreover, along with the standard PIN requirement, a new authentication system will also allow a better level of security. Voice recognition, fingerprint and face options are also provided. This helps the individual to access verification of payment processes from the car and other important settings.

Don’t worry, though, the driver can also enjoy the enhanced experience with a new 3-D display that shows a spatial view at the touch of a button. Mercedes claims that you can experience a vivid 3-D experience without having to wear 3-D glasses. 

The MBU-X can also work with a variety of different sensory data and vehicle systems. For example, the exit warning system of the S-class is now able to detect if an occupant wants to leave the vehicle or not based on the signal given by the exit warning system. Moreover, if another car is in the blindspot, the active ambient lighting merges with the exit warning system and turns red. Additionally, the Mercedes Benz User Experience also inspects whether the child seat is installed correctly to the passenger seat.

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