Removing Water Spots From Your Dubai Car

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It’s very important that you take good care of your car and that doesn’t just apply to things that impact performance and safety. Water spots on cars not only make the car look dirty but can also damage your car’s paint and consequently, its resale value., an online marketplace to sell used car in Dubai, did some research to share the details with you.

What are water spots?

If that doesn’t ring a bell, water spots are basically mineral deposits left on the surface of your vehicle. Water often contains minerals and that’s how it could leave those spots on your car. When the water evaporates, the spots will be left behind.

 There could be various reasons for this issue. For instance, it might have to do something with the water in your area. Basically, if there are a lot of suspended solids in it, the likelihood of your car having a water spot is higher. In particular, sodium levels can make the problem worse.

 A lot of times, water spots are not all that glaring and they go unnoticed. Thus, it’s a good idea to inspect your car for them when the sun is out. Another option is to use a flashlight. And lastly, you can also use your hands to determine if the surface feels textured, which could indicate a stain. 

How to get rid of water spots?

To get rid of existing water spots, clean your car. Yes, it’s as simple as that and doesn’t require special tools or methods. Rub carefully around the spot and you might have to invest some time to ensure it’s gone. That said, don’t exert pressure, or else you risk causing scratches. If the water spots persist after you have rinsed the vehicle, follow with a vinegar rinse. Make sure you dilute the vinegar with water first to reduce its acidity and let it sit for ten minutes.

In the end, apply polish for protection and durability. If you want your car to be less susceptible to water spotting, consider applying ceramic coating to it.

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How to prevent water spots?

 If you don’t want to face this issue, you might want to dry off your car instead of waiting for it to air dry. A cloth or towel can be used for this purpose. Similarly, it’s also recommended that you don’t drive your car under the sun when it’s wet, as that’s the recipe for water spots. Now, these small tips and tricks may take a little time, but they will save you the headache of having to clean those pesky water spots. In the long run, you will actually be saving time!

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