5 Tricks to Negotiate When Buying Used Cars in Sharjah!

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5 tricks to negotiate when buying used cars in Sharjah!
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Negotiating requires strategy and can be very tricky even for experienced sales professionals. However, if it’s done right, negotiating can also help you bag a great deal. Some simple tricks can make easy for you to save both time and money. The experts at CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for buying and selling certified used cars in Sharjah, list 5 tips help you navigate the process.

1.Give limited information only: 

No matter how much you love the car or desperately need it, don’t let the seller know! On the contrary, if the seller is pressed for time, it is a favourable position for you to negotiate. Moreover, don’t disclose your budget at the beginning of the deal. 

2. Remember your facts and figures:

Do some research before you deal with the seller. Browse used car sites like CarSwitch.com and talk to some car experts to know the value of similar used cars. You can check for same model cars with similar specification. The sellers are more likely to give you a more reasonable buying price if they think that you know the market well. Moreover, consider these best cars on a budget.

3. Think before making a counter offer:

A hasty counter-offer can do more damage than you think. If you make an offer above the expectations of the seller, you will end up losing money. Even after making an offer, the seller might be willing to reduce the price more. Make a counter-offer after that.

4. Be assertive:

If the price of the used car is set aggressively high by the seller, you have to deal with it similarly. To get a good deal, make sure that the offer you make is much lower than the asking price. This way, you have a bigger window to negotiate. Although if you make a very unreasonable offer, the seller might walk away. The trick is to identify the thin line between a decent offer and an unacceptable offer.

5. Get a discount or freebie:

Look at the condition of the car thoroughly. If you can find some evident damage on the outside of the car, it can give you a discount of about AED 1000 – 2000 even after negotiation. If you negotiate skillfully, you can also get the seller to throw in something extra such as free polish or half the cost of tire replacement.

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