Symptoms of Failing Idle Control Valves in Cars

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These days, most new and used cars in Sharjah, UAE have an idle control valve (more accurately known as idle air control valve). It is responsible for the management of the vehicle’s idle speed. It does so by making adjustments to match the present situation.

An idle air control valve usually appears as a motor-powered valve that can be found on the automobile’s intake manifold. It is the engine control module that regulates the valve. It changes the speed depending on factors such as engine temperature or the load of the electrical system.

A malfunctioning idle air control valve is a driver’s nightmare. It can lead to a multitude of problems. will tell you everything you need to know about catching a malfunctioning idle control air valve before serious damage occurs.

1. Irregular Idle Speed

The basic function of an air control valve is handling the idle speed of a car’s engine. Perhaps the biggest indicator of a malfunctioning idle air control valve is constant fluctuations in idle speeds. Hence, if there seems to be irregular idle speed, you will be unable to control the car’s speed.

2. Check if the Engine Light Activates

An activated check engine light is another tell-tale sign of a faulty idle air control valve. This occurs when the vehicle itself is actually aware of a problem via the engine control module. 

However, a malfunctioning idle control valve is not the only stimulant that activates the check engine light, so it is always recommended to have your vehicle scanned to locate the actual problem.

3. Engine Stalls

Engine stalling is an issue that comes at a later stage. It arises if there is a very serious problem with the idle air control valve. In case of the idle control valve completely failing, the engine will stall immediately due to the lack of air that it gets. 

In most cases, a bad idle air control valve is noticeable without having to go through too much trouble. If your car displays any one or more of the mentioned symptoms, then it is highly advised to get your vehicle checked by a professional to limit further damage and maintain safety. Also, if you want to buy new or used cars in Sharjah that is in excellent shape and unlikely to have malfunctioning air control valves, check out the pre-inspected vehicles at Happy shopping!

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