Lamborghini Produced More Huracans in 5 Years Than the Gallardos It Built in 10 Years!

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Lamborghini produced more Huracan cars for sale
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Lamborghini does not produce cars on a mass scale like brands like Toyota and Nissan do. However, Lamborghini is now making so many cars for sale that the production of Huracans in the past 5 years is more than the production of Gallardos in 10 years! 

The total production in 5 years totals to 14,022 cars which might not be a big number for other car makers but it is a milestone achieved for Lamborghini. In comparison, its predecessor, Galardo had 14,022 units produced between 2003 – 2013. The number might seem low for any of the Japanese brands but after all, its Lamborghini we’re talking about.

The latest V10 Lamborhghini Haracan made its debut in 2014 as a coupe. It was followed by Spyder and then Performante and in 2018, we got the Performante Spyder. The latest version Huracan EVO Spyder made its debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It is a stunning drop top powered by a next-gen V10 which churns out 640 hp and has a top speed of 325km/hr.

Lamborghini is also high in demand. The Lamborghini Urus is proving to be a cash cow for the company as people are shifting from sedan to coupe. However, Huracan isn’t that far behind as well. 

In the first half of 2019 only, Lamborghini sold 4,553 cars to its customers and the Huracan contributed 26% out of the total sales. Moreover, 649 units of the V12 powered beast, Lamborghini Aventador were delivered to customers in this time period. 

The 14,022nd car from the production is a Huracan Evo with a Grigio Titans paint and is headed for its Korean customer.

Lamborghini cars for sale have always been loved by enthusiasts and there seem to be no signs of their demand going down any time soon. . If a brand new Huracan is a bit too heavy on the pocket for you, check out some of the used Lamborghinis for sale on!

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