Lamborghini Won’t Be a Part of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show!

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Lamborghini won’t be a part of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show!
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We’ve seen a number of Lamborghini models making jaws drops at the yearly motor shows. Unfortunately, this year Lamborghini has announced that it won’t be a part of the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. We’ll still be seeing Lamborghini cars for sale in Abu Dhabi but they will probably be launched at private events. gives you the full scoop.

Lamborghini’s parent company Audi made this announcement via a press release a few days ago. In mentioned that they won’t be a part of Geneva Motor Show’s 90th edition which will be held in March 2020. Instead, it will launch its new cars at exclusive events where it won’t have to share the stage with its competitors.

The press release also focused on the good sales volume of 2019. Bentley Bentayga’s main rival, Urus proved to be a golden goose for the Italian marque with a 182% increase in sales from 2018-2019. Apart from that, the V10 Huracan sold 2,139 units and the V-12 Aventador completed 1,104 deliveries globally. 

While stating the milestones achieved by Lamborghini in 2019, it also mentioned that Lamborghini produced double the number of Huracans in 5 years than the Gallardos it built in 10 years

The press release also mentioned the goals for Lamborghini for the year 2020. The carmaker looks forward to new product launches. Although no new model names were mentioned, we know that Lamborghini Urus ST-X will be making its debut later this year. For 2020, Lamborghini also plans to develop hybrid versions for its super sports car models. The fastest production Lambo, Sian is proof that we’ll be seeing some exciting hybrids from this automaker.

We’ll miss this luxury brand at Motor Show but at the same time we’re anxious to see what Lamborghini will be adding to cars for sale in Abu Dhabi this year onwards. That said, if you can’t wait for the new ones, you can certainly buy used Lamborghinis on!

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