Hyundai Unites with Maroon 5 for the FIFA World Cup 2018!

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Hyundai-maroon-5 collab, used cars in Dubai
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Hyundai motors is all set to rock FIFA this year! Looks like it has called on Maroon 5 to record the legendary singer Bob Marley’s and the wailers iconic anthem, “Three little Birds”. This is a refreshing marketing tactic by Hyundai, through which they hope to convey that with their state-of-the-art tech, Hyundai consumers can have a joyful experience both in and out of the car! Those of you who have a Hyundai new or used car in Dubai can surely vouch for that!

The campaign will launch through a television advertisement at the FIFA world cup 2018 in Russia this year. Additionally, a music video by the award winning director, Joseph Kahn has recorded a song featuring the new fuel cell electric NEXO model.

Let’s talk about the Smart technology featuring Hyundai experience this year, shall we? In the commercial, we see a feature called the Forward Collision Avoidance Assist which averts a driver-bus collision outside the football stadium. The ad also features a Safe Exit Assist which locks doors automatically in order to secure passenger safety!

This is a savvy approach to brand imaging used by automakers to introduce safety features in a bid to promote more convenient and safe driving.

The video was shot in a reggae designed theme to highlight the classic Maroon 5 style. Where the reggae dancers bring energy and spirit to the song, the background is exotically decorated in natural, yet a bit unusual materials such as jewels, wood, feather and stones! The dancers are then transfigured into miniature models of Hyundai’s new fuel cell electric NEXO as their figures are illuminated by headlights against the dark backdrop.

The positive and happy vibes of the “Three little birds” is a great choice to promote the celebration of sport and encourage players to maintain their sportsman spirit while experiencing the ups and downs of all the matches.

Hyundai has been an active sponsor of FIFA since the 1999s. Hyundai’s strategy is surely more innovative and smart as compared to its competitors. In addition to this, Hyundai also has “FIFA World Football Museum” featuring football history and fan culture!

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