Gangs Trying to Steal Luxury Used Cars Arrested by Dubai Police

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Gangs trying to steal luxury used cars arrested by Dubai Police
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If you’ve recently bought a Dubai used car, make sure to keep it safe. After an operation carried out by the Dubai Police, four gangs who were attempting to steal luxury cars in UAE worth DH 11 million have been arrested on July, 7th.

The successfully conducted operation disclosed that four gangs from different nationalities attempted to steal and smuggle 46 luxury cars from multiple emirates. Recently, many luxury car thefts had been reported. Due to which the police forces from Dubai, Sharjah and Oman teamed up to catch these criminals.

The data centre analysis implied that similar operative techniques had been used by these thieves which gave them away. All of them were using the latest technology to reprogram the computer system of vehicles. They eventually wanted to transport these stolen used cars out of the UAE in containers.

The joint forces were able to seize seventeen of these vehicles at a port and another thirteen were concealed in a warehouse in the Al-Aweer area. In addition, twelve more vehicles were captured in other areas. Four of these that were used by the gangsters as their personal commute in the country were also seized by the police. These cars included high-end rides like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes and many more.

The police forces involved definitely deserve a round of applause. Now that justice has been served, you can continue your search for Dubai used cars.