Hummer Is Making an Electric Comeback!

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Hummer is making an electric comeback!
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If you’re a die-hard Hummer fan and ready to sell any car in Dubai for it, then we’ve got some great news for you. GM is resurrecting the Hummer. It will be GM’s very first electric pick-up truck and will churn out a humongous 1,000 hp. The full reveal of the new Hummer is expected on May, 20th but here is what can tell you about it. 

Many automakers are cashing on nostalgia these days and the return of the iconic Land Rover Defender is proof of that among others. So, of course, Hummer’s comeback is making headlines considering that it is among the most famous cars from the past. However, now instead of being a gas-guzzler which it was often criticised for, it will be an eco-friendly all-electric super truck. 

New Hummer

The new Hummer will offer upto 3 electric motors with a variety of ranges, different performance levels and varying price points. Sounds like the perfect rival for the infamous Tesla Cybertruck. The trims will range from a basic package for truck lovers to top-specced ones for those who crave towing and off-road abilities. 

It will push out 1,000 hp or more, depending on the trim and is reported to generate 11,500 lb-ft of torque. It will go from 0-60mph in 3 seconds and we’ve yet to know how many motors it will acquire for that. Moreover, we’ve seen ‘HUMMER’ backlit across its sleek, slotted grille but that’s all we have seen about the exterior so far.  

This Hummer EV will be among the first of GM’s lineup of all-electric pickups and SUVs. GM plans to extend its product range and diversify its portfolio to offer a number of options with different price ranges. 

No information on price has been given so far. What we know is that the Hummer is expected to reach the markets by late 2021. We’re not sure if it will reach the UAE market but we hope it will. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the right place to sell any car in Dubai, is here for you!

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