How to Maintain your Car’s Body Paint

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Your car’s paint is one of the elements that make it more appealing. It’s important to maintain your vehicle’s appearance and condition over time in order to keep it looking new. However, there are several things that can damage the paint of your vehicle. 

A lot of minor things can happen in a day to harm your vehicle’s paint job. You should know how to maintain and preserve your car’s paint job in order to make it look fresher.  

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Don’t rub a dirty car

It’s a big no-no since running your fingers through the dirt will cause deep scratch marks on your car’s body. Your fingers will function as sandpaper, scraping away at the dirt remnants and causing them to pierce the paint job. 

Smudging the dirt off your hand or finger may appear tempting, but it causes significant damage to the paint. Instead, take it for a wash, or you can wash it yourself at home with proper technique and equipment. 

Wash your car on a regular basis 

Washing your car on a regular basis is probably the greatest approach to keep the paint finish looking fresh. Use a foam sponge to apply high-quality car soap in straight line motions. Once you’re done applying soap and sponging, rinse well with fresh, clean water.  

It’s necessary to completely dry your vehicle after a wash if you want to keep the paint job stand out and preserved. Leaving the car to dry naturally leaves minerals from the water remaining, which can degrade the paint. 

Using a microfiber cloth, rub and dry your car. Towels, paper towels, and any other normal cloth can leave microscopic scratches on the paint, causing it to deteriorate over time. 

If you can’t, wash your car every day. At the absolute least, use a duster to wipe down your vehicle every day to avoid sanding. 

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Car wax can work wonders

Waxing your car may seem like too much work, but it not only makes your car sparkly clean and beautiful, but it also creates a protective coating on your paint that can help it last longer. There are many different types of auto wax available, but your vehicle’s manual will tell you which one to use. 

Not only can car wax make your car look gleaming and new, but it can also protect your car from dirt, pollution, and other potentially harmful pollutants. 

Keep your car away from the sun

The sun’s UV light is harmful not only to the human skin but also to the paint job on your car. The paint on your car can oxidize and fade in the sun. Your car will look much older and worn out than it actually is. 

If at all feasible, park in the shade or beneath a covered area. This will extend the life of your paint job by several years. 

What synthetic coating can do for your car’s paint

Synthetic coating, often known as paint sealant, is a wax-free option that adheres to the pores of your car’s paint and forms a protective seal. Synthetic coating lasts a lot longer than wax and is just as easy to apply. 

Applying it once a year is good enough to protect your paint for a year


If you live in a tropical country with high humidity levels, then you will most likely see corrosion on your car, which is considered hazardous. As a result, rustproofing your car can extend the life of its paint. 

Furthermore, if you’re near the sea, this is required due to the high quantity of salt in the air. Rustproofing your car can really help your car look new for a much longer time. 

Stains can be harmful to your car’s paint

Stains may appear to be not much bothersome, especially in little amounts. However, they could irreversibly damage the paintwork if not removed promptly, regardless of how big or small they are. You should remove and clean splattered bugs, spilled fuel, fingerprints, ashes, etc., with extreme caution.

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