How is 2022 Lucid Air going to define the new EV Era!

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For a long Tesla has reigned the Electric Vehicle’s (EV) industry, but now Lucid motors are challenging that reign and have introduced some of the best EV’s and are sure to question Tesla’s supremacy. Today at CarSwitch, we will introduce you to the Lucid Aircar and its specifications and how it is going to define a new Era of EV’s. If you want to buy a used car in KSA, please visit CarSwitch.

Lucid Motors will introduce Air Grand Touring in spring 2022, and the wait is going to be a long one for EV fans, as the tests performed so far look to be very impressive. Let’s delve into the specifications first.

Power and Driving range:

Lucid Air pure edition is coming with a single motor, at the rear axle and has 480 hp. However, all other editions come with dual motors and similarly more Horsepower.

      Edition  Motors   Horsepower  Driving range
Air PureSingle motor480406 miles
Air TouringDual motor620406 miles
Air Grand TouringDual motor800516 miles
Air Dream Edition rangeDual motor933471 miles
Air Dream Edition PerformanceDual motor1,111520 miles

It has a Full time, all-drive wheel, which means the car is in control of shifting the drive mode all the time instantly and accurately, making the adjusts according to the terrain conditions.

Lucid Air has an amazing top speed of 168 mph, and the acceleration is just thrilling, as Lucid Motors have claimed that the vehicle goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, but you can expect it to take 3 seconds as some of the tests have also said so. It takes Lucid Air about 5.5 – 5.9 seconds to reach 100 mph.

Efficiency and Aerodynamics:

Coming to the efficiency and Aerodynamics of the car, it doesn’t have a very cool and attractive design but is an incredibly aerodynamic shape, its Cd is 0.21, currently the lowest in the automotive industry. The efficiency of Lucid Air is also among the best as its Air Dream Edition Performance has a driving range of 520 miles and has taken the crown of EV driving range from Tesla. The tests have proven it and in fact, the Air Dream Edition Performance still had 60+ miles left!!

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Charging Details:

Lucid Air is going to provide you with the fastest charging ever!! It has a built-in Wunderbox battery charger. Lucid claims that Air can add up to 300 miles in up to 20 minutes. With 900+V architecture, It’s the fastest EV charging system available to date. Lucid claims that its charging system is compatible with almost all public charging stations. It has CCS (combined charging system) which can be charged with AC and DC voltage.

Interior Design:

The Lucid Air is a pure Sedan; it has a seating capacity of 5 people with excellent interior space. Below you can find the interior space of Lucid Air. The stylish Sedan has three screens but they don’t dominate the cabin in the way Tesla Model S or Mercedes EQS does. The cabin is covered by a mixture of leather, wood, Alcantara, and metal. It has one of the best interiors available to date.

Headroom(front)39.5 inchesMaximum legroom (front)45.4 inches
Effective legroom (front)41.5 inchesShoulder room (front)58.3 inches
Headroom (Rear)38.3 inchesLegroom (rear) long battery range35.8 inches
Legroom (rear) standard range battery37.4 inchesShoulder room (rear)54.5 inches
Luggage (rear)456 Litres (GCIE)Luggage (Front)202 Litres (GCIE)

Safety Features:

Lucid Air comes with standard safety protections and has several excellent safety features. The weight of batteries gives Lucid Air a low Centre of gravity which automatically provides safety against rollovers and improves handling of the vehicle. The structure of the car is made of Aluminium – lightweight and strong. Lucid Motors have introduced a new system ADAS (Advanced Drive-Assistance System). It provides up to 32 sensors including High-resolution LIDAR which measures the distance of every object in the path of the car, radar, cameras, and even ultrasonic sensors, all these sensors provide multi-modal streams of information to the DreamDrive computer which enables them to make spilled-second right decisions. Lucid Motors have claimed that it will provide even more features in the later models. Features that will be available at the time of Launch are:


1.      Surround View Monitoring

2.      Blind Spot Display

3.      Cross-Traffic Protection

4.      Traffic Sign Recognition

5.      Automatic Emergency Braking

6.      Alerts for distracted or drowsy drivers


1.      Full Speed Highway Assist (Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering)

2.      Traffic Drive-Off Alert

3.      Headlight Assist


1.      Autonomous Parking Assist

2.      Pullout Control

3.      Maneuver Comfort Braking

Well, indeed, it is yet to be tested at the mass level as it hasn’t been launched yet and things might turn out unexpectedly later on, but Lucid Air has provided some of the best features and is sure to make competitors sweat. It is certainly one of the EVs to keep an eye on if you’re into EV’s. The wait for its launch is surely long and infuriating.

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