How to Handle a Tire Blowout in Dubai

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Tire blowouts are every driver’s worst nightmare, sudden tire blowouts are known to cause disastrous accidents. Studies show that after a tire blowout, it only takes about ¼ second for the vehicle to get out of control. Most drivers are unequipped to handle a sudden emergency such as a tire blowout. The experts at, an online marketplace for certified used cars in Dubai, have compiled this guide to help you avoid it.

What happens during a tire blowout?

Initially, you will feel the pace of your car decrease and then it will steer to the left or right side depending on which side’s tire burst. In case the front tire of your car is affected, you will feel more pressure around the steering wheel area of your car. If the rear tire is involved, you will feel the force mostly in the body of seats of your car. It makes no difference if the front or back tires of your car burst; you must follow the standard protocol regardless. 

How to drive when you face a car blowout?

The National Safety Council has conducted a number of studies in collaboration with safety experts to come up with best practices that should be followed by the driver after a tire burst. You must not panic; you should hold the steering wheel firmly so that you do not lose control of your car. It is important to not slam the brakes in panic as well.

After hearing the tire burst, you should gradually slow down the speed of your car. Once the speed has slowed down, you should gradually pull your car to the side of the road so you can deal with the situation properly. While slowing down your car, it is best to switch on the emergency flashers to avoid any accidents. 

How to survive a car blowout?

After you’ve safely brought your car to the side of the road, exit your car carefully. At this point you should switch on your emergency flashers if you have not already. This will alert other drivers on the road and prevent any safety hazard. You should also activate reflective cones or triangles if they are installed in your car. In case it is not safe to change your car’s tire at the place you are stranded, you should call for help and assistance. 

How can you prevent a car blowout in the future?

Tire blowouts can be adequately prevented with proper effort and close attention to your car. Most tire blowouts tend to happen during the months of May to October, this is mainly because the road surface is hottest at this time.

This high temperature of roads contributes to tire blowouts, other factors that may also contribute are underinflated tires, worn out treads or a vehicle that is considerably overloaded. In order to prevent these from happening, you should routinely inspect your car and try to keep your vehicle’s load on the lower side during the months from May to October. 

You should also learn how to properly take care of your car’s tires as car maintenance is an important part in extending the life of your vehicle and avoiding costly repairs.

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