Rare Aston Martin V12 Zagato Is Now up for Grabs

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Bell Sport & Classic from the UK have collaborated to construct an extremely rare and once in a blue moon limited vehicle. Aston Martin, with a fully aluminum body and V12 Zagato is up for grabs. The V12 Zagato is extremely special in terms of its performance and looks, but the model up for sale is even more special since it is one of the two pre-production models. CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for certified used cars for sale in UAE. did some research to share the details with you.

Fans all over the world had anxiously been waiting for this model to go on sale owing to its uniqueness and rare style elements. These pre-production versions were built for touring around the globe to showcase cars for prospective owners at some very exclusive events. Another aspect that sets this model apart from others is the fact that this car’s body is made entirely from aluminum while other V12 Zagatos are incorporated with a handmade aluminum with a combination of carbon skin. 

Interior and Specs

It was owned by Aston Martin up until 2016. This right-hand drive was intended to go to Zagato so that it could be one of the models in Zagato’s design house exclusive collection. However, another powerful client convinced the company to let him buy the rare vehicle after following a full re-commissioning. The unique car was initially coated with titanium grey paint.

It was then repainted in the Aston Martin racing green for a sporty and feisty look; the interior of the car was re-trimmed and revamped as well. The engineers at Aston Martin tweaked the engine a little to help with the car’s performance. It considerably increased the car’s power compared to the standard car’s 510bhp. 

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Unique Elements

This unique model embodies design elements incorporated in previous cars made by Zagato. There is a staunch appearance from previous models in terms of the “double bubble roof” pared with overhangs on the short body. The current model showcases a hand trimmed premium quality leather interior, paired with a quilted pattern of Zagato motif on the door cards and seats. The vehicle also embodies a matching leather bag set along with a book containing details of its re-commission. 

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