How is ABS Taking over Old Drum Brakes?

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Among the most compelling purposes to switch from an older vehicle to a new vehicle is for safety purposes. Perhaps one of the essential safety features of new vehicles is their brakes. 

In the late 60s, many took the initiative to improve car braking systems to cut stopping distance and reduce skidding on slippery and wet roads. This made vehicles much safer to drive.

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Old Drum Brakes

Drum brakes were the standard for cars back in old times, and many older cars still have them now to this date. It’s because, despite its design problems, it isn’t a horrible braking system that, when properly maintained, works efficiently. 

As you hit the brake pedal, a hydraulic system makes a curved brake shoe squeeze against the interior of a rotating round drum. This resistance causes the car to slow down and, ideally, come to a stop.

Known Problems with Drum Brakes

Whereas the brake shoes are constructed of a heat-resistant resistive material, they will eventually wear out and require to be replaced.

Part replacement isn’t affordable for many, and it may also require an expert to take a look at it. When compared to disc brakes, which require only the installation of new pads and rotors, it’s a time-consuming process. Another disadvantage of drum brakes is that they are ineffective on steep climbs.

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ABS Brakes

The majority of automobiles today feature disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. They are not only more efficient than drum brakes under certain conditions, but they are also less expensive, and some have the extra benefit of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System).

What are ABS Brakes, and How Do They Work?

ABS is a braking system that uses wheel sensors on disc brakes to assist the driver in steering and avoiding sliding while pressing the brake pedal. ABS decreases braking on that wheel by pulsing the disc brake pads, allowing you to turn the car while applying the brake.

The ideal technique to use ABS is to apply consistent push to the brake pedal rather than hitting it abruptly. Because not all vehicles with ABS function the same, it’s a good idea to know about your vehicle’s braking behaviors, so you understand what is expected.

Why are ABS brakes preferred over drum brakes?

ABS will assist you in coming to a complete stop sooner. In terms of cost, not only are the brakes the most vital safety feature on your vehicle and require good care, but the ABS is also an important feature. 

The price of such a safety mechanism is justified by the assurance it provides. ABS’s strongest point is not in its capacity to stop you faster but in its ability to keep you in control.

The core objective of ABS is not to assist the car stop more efficiently. However, in order to assist drivers in maintaining control of their vehicles during strong braking scenarios. Under ideal circumstances, ABS-equipped cars have shorter braking distances than non-equipped vehicles.

The Benefits and Features of ABS Brakes

When implemented on standard road surfaces like concrete, ABS has been shown to minimize the chance of crashing. It also ensures you the peace of mind of having an increased safety element on your braking too. That allows you to steer effectively when pressing the brake pedal.

ABS brakes can help you greatly when you panic brake in a bind as it will stop your vehicle sooner than you expect. Even when you are closing a distance, it allows you to keep control of your car. The steering does not lose control as your brake. 

You can also get special discounts from most insurance companies if your car is equipped with ABS Brakes. It also increases your resale value with a huge margin if you have ABS on your vehicle.

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Working of ABS Brakes

The ABS braking system is prepared for you to stop whenever you hit the pedal abruptly. When you do, the brake pedal will vibrate slightly, and a growling sound can be heard, which is quite typical. Squeeze the pedal firmly, and the ABS brake system will take care of the rest. 

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